Monday, June 30, 2014

Does Anyone Doubt IoT is at the Peak of the Hype Curve?

Yikes!  That's all I need to say about the excessive hype of anything and everything IoT these days.  From the connected refrigerator, the connected car, wearables, et al the hype in this market is out of control.  Every industry leader from Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon is staking their claim as the industry thought leader.  The same is true for hundreds of smaller companies.  The only thing clear is that IoT is at the peak of the hype curve.

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) applications have been around for decades and have been and are quite successful.  Many are based on industry standard protocols and millions of "things" are connected via the cellular network.  Nothing new here.  Remote sensors connected via some network to a centralized location where the sensor's data is aggregate, analyzed and acted upon.

Once the hype "bubble" crashes many real markets will be widely successful.  You will know what markets they are since they will not include the acronym IoT in their description.


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