Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Alcatel Rejuvenates Bell Labs: Network Energy is a Top Focus

After years of corporate and industry uncertainty Alcatel is reigniting their R&D arm, Bell Labs, to tackle the challenges of future.   Alcatel-Lucent CTO Marcus Weldon has identified seven “innovation domains”.  They are:  

  1. Network capacity
  2. Network performance
  3. Network optimization
  4. Network energy
  5. Network security (especially for virtualized applications)
  6. Network applications
  7. Devices (with a focus on how they connect to and interact with the network, rather than the development of end-user devices such as smartphones and tablets)
1.      Network Energy is included
a.     Of all the areas where Alcatel could invest R&D dollars network energy was placed in the top tier.
2.     Alcatel considers network energy a natural area to focus on.
a.     The seven innovation domains were created to focus on the “natural areas” network operators are concerned with.
3.     Alcatel is aware that network energy issues are either top-of-mind or becoming top-of-mind boardroom issues at Service Providers around the globe.
4.     Alcatel has a team of “PhD”s focused on Network Energy
5.     Network Energy is the new name for previously referred to as “Green Research”

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